Holding the first press conference of the Excida2022 in the central building of IDA.

The Excida2021 Congress press conference was held on Monday, April 12, which was also Dentistry Day.

The President of the Iranian Dental Association and the dentists who

 involved in the Excida 2022 Congress attended the conference. They talked about oral health and the Excida2022 Congress.

Dr.Ali Tajernia, The president of the board said He wants to present a plan to increase the level of oral health in the community .He called the project “every dental office, an Oral health promotion base”. This project will be implemented in the country soon with the help of the Ministry of Health.

Dr.Homayoun Farasat, President of the Excida2021 Congress said: Excida2021 Congress is the largest dental congress in Iran .Dentists from neighboring countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan will attend the congress. Foreign speakers will also speak at the congress.
The congress will be held from October 19 to October 22, 2021. He believed that oral health education should begin in childhood and adolescence

Dr.Keyvan Sa`ati, Scientific Secretary of the Excida2021 Congress said: There are 14 specialized dental panels in Congress. This year, we surveyed dentists to choose the subject of the panels. Top topics are restorative dentistry, prosthetics, implants, endodontics and digital dentistry.

Dr.Amir Azmi, Executive Secretary of Congress  said: We anticipate that 5,000 people will register for Congress this year and 10,000 will visit. There are 20 different committees of 400 members to run the congress.

Dr.Peyman Keshavarz, Exhibition Manager of Excida2021 said: We have about 10,000sm of space to hold the exhibition.