About excida

The word EXCIDA, called the exhibition & congress of Iranian Association, has been introduced as the brand new scientific congress and annual exhibition of the Iranian Dental Association.

Following the 60th annual congress held by the Iranian Society of Dentistry, the 61th Congressional Congress will be held in 2021. For this reason, this Congressional term is known as EXCIDA 61.

But why EXCIDA? Answer this question in the brief note by Dr. Ali Tajernia, President of the board of the Iranian Dental Association:

The sixty-one congress of the Iranian Dental Association will be held on October 19, 1400, with the Regional Congress of the World Federation of Dentistry (FDI). The launch ceremony of the logo and poster of this period of the Dental Congress at this time since [February 19, 2021] has resulted in hours of deliberation and consultation of the members of the dental association.

The Iranian dental congresses, held every year, are unique in terms of the number of participants in the country and the region, with an annual total of 8,000 dentists attending the congress. Fortunately, a significant introduction of this congress has taken place in the region. .

We considered two issues in this regard. First, bringing this congress to the largest international body in the field, FDI, and the second is branding. The program on this day of the Iranian Association of Dentistry is a ceremony for the presentation of the logo and posters of the Congress, in order to bring the congress to the fore and strengthen it. This program will be held with the presence of dentists, specialists and pioneers in the field of dentistry. It is common practice in the world to name the scientific congress or large exhibitions with an abbreviation, which makes the name fall into the languages.

We also decided to take this action for the International Dental Congress in Iran. For example, the annual congress of the UAE, known as AEEDC, is known as the brand as a brand or “IP.” January. S “which is known as the brand for biennial dental conferences in Germany. Among the various selected names, our final summary of EXCIDA, which stands for the English term “Scientific Congress and Iranian Dental Exhibition”, was adopted.

We try to make the logo over time, and more importantly, we can have a strong presence in the region. The reality is that the level of dentistry in Iran is unmatched in terms of dental knowledge and service delivery.

Certainly, we are not only beyond the region, but along with the advanced countries in this field, we are in terms of the production and distribution of science and in terms of dental services, but unfortunately, there should not be a proper introduction of this congress. All of our efforts at this ceremony are to provide the appropriate introduction of the Iranian Dental Congress in the countries of the region and the world. Given the strong presence of dental congresses in the congresses held at the regional level, the Congress should not be considered globally. Over the course of the year, nearly 20 congresses will be held in various dental areas, but the October congress of the Mother’s Association is open to all general practitioners and specialist dentists.

The point that, in my opinion, has led to the brand building of this congress, as it should not be, is that part of it is beyond the will of the Iranian Dental Association and its social and political issues with the world and the kind of look that, unfortunately, has taken. This issue needs to be corrected, another issue is our ability to produce academic and academic papers in the field of dentistry.

Another part of this effort is the government and the universities and dental schools. The role of the community is to further strengthen scientific knowledge after graduation, as well as to enhance practical capacities of individuals. Since our education system is close to the educational system of the advanced countries, its output is also a valid output, but problems such as language have caused many of our outstanding articles not to reach the world’s leading experts.

The main thing about this is that we have not provided the necessary infrastructure in the dental community. For example, our major lectures in Farsi have led to a foreign person unable to use many of these lectures, or that our advertisements in internationally recognized sites and centers has not been strong promotions. Our effort was to resolve these shortcomings by creating the conditions that would make this branding possible.